The history of Italian emigration teaches us that wherever our compatriots have landed and found acceptance, they have always contributed in a decisive way to the economic growth of that place. It has happened in the past. And with renewed vigor it still happens.

It is a peaceful and undeniable fact that the living and working conditions in today’s Italy are absolutely prohibitive, not only for those who already have a stable position and an activity started, but also and above all for those who must begin to create one.

We at ILC do not share the romantic vision of those who criticize young expatriates by accusing them of not making a contribution to their country. On the contrary, we believe, much more concretely, that there has been no contribution from our Governments of the last 20 years in the professional growth of their citizens and that it is therefore sacrosanct right for everyone to do their utmost to find their own dimension and their realization.

England is now an emblematic example of how a relationship with mutual benefits between the state and immigrants could be.

Just as the Italians have always done abroad with the hard and tireless work, even here they have provided a great contribution to the British economy and, in response to this, none of them has been denied the opportunity to get ahead.

This is the real attraction for Italian immigrants abroad (and in particular in the UK): the feeling of being able to have a chance. It is not little, especially for us Italians that in our country we disregard the meaning of this concept.

“Brexit” is a word that today arouses not a few fears and concerns. Certainly it was a result that surprised us, but we want to row against this current of rampant panic and look instead at the best solutions and ways to face this new reality. It is not said that we could not be surprised to discover in the future that Brexit will have been an effective deterrent only for those who were not armed with sufficient determination and no more than a small complication for those who had a clear goal to reach. In essence we hope that all this excitement around it will at least guarantee a skimming between those who really want to commit themselves and those who just want to change the air.

Beyond easy speculation, ours is simply an invitation not to be discouraged by the thousands of reliable and unreliable news that revolve around Brexit, and not to suffer the effects of psychological terrorism that the media never spares us.

If the intentions to create serious realities and to work hard are supported by a sufficient motivation, as they are for ILC, we are convinced that Brexit will not constitute an obstacle to the realization of its objective in a country that still offers the possibility to do it.

We believe that England still has a lot to offer and that it is essential for those who are here or as neophytes in this dynamic and lively market to have a solid point of reference on the spot. For sure, extra help never hurts.

ILC & Associates, thanks to its dual Italian and London headquarters, proposes precisely this objective: to represent a bridge between the two nations and to offer 360 degree assistance in all the legal aspects of the life of its customers.

Our areas of expertise cover a large part of the fields of civil and criminal law and our customers can make use of professionals specialized only in particular matters.

Our clientele is mostly made up of Italians because, as much as we can be integrated and at ease in the British or London market in particular, it is undeniable that receiving explanations and legal advice in both languages ​​on both systems, provides a certain comfort.

The basic idea is to export the Italian model of law firm that is opposed to the English model, which is extremely sectorial.

Our services are aimed at all those, Italian or English, based in the UK or Italy, needing legal assistance or even simple advice on matters of Italian or English law. Our double office guarantees the customer our presence in any dispute it may have in one or both countries and our lawyers are always available.

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