Italy is indisputably one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. What makes it so is a set of elements and features that few other countries can boast. It is not easy to identify another nation where to find such a perfect and rare combination of ancient historical monuments, ancient culture, mild and sunny climate, varied landscapes ranging from the stupendous mountain ranges to the crystalline seas, all enriched by a great culinary tradition.

In recent times, there has been a significant increase in foreign citizens interested in investing in property in Italy and in Italian citizens residing abroad who want to get closer to their homeland.

The reason for this increase in real estate purchases in Italy is to be found in a series of elements that make the deal particularly favorable and advantageous. Beyond the undisputed charm of the location as mentioned above, the purchase of a property in Italy has proved particularly advantageous in recent years as the real estate market has seen a significant drop in prices, which has not yet stopped, and a significant lowering of interest rates thanks to the new European regulations. Also the fiscal side has undergone improvements and the taxation on real estate has been lightened.

Therefore, from an economic point of view, treating yourself to a comfortable home in the city or a relaxing abode by the sea or in the mountains, is no longer an unattainable or unsustainable goal.

ILC & Associates closely follows its customers who want to buy properties in Italy, from the first decision-making moments, advising them step by step on the level of investment opportunities, on the potential growth of the location, on the variation of market prices in a given area. We provide a complete picture of the national and foreign taxation present and in anticipation of possible changes, we ensure that the expertise and estimation of the property is correct and in line with the market and that the purchase represents a profitable business for the customer, we take the first contacts with real estate agencies or directly with the seller, we follow the negotiation, we provide for the drafting and stipulation of contracts or preliminary sales, we provide translations of the documentation.  We provide all the assistance from the beginning to the end of the sale, guaranteeing the customer a “turnkey” formula.

ILC & Associates guarantees a 360 ° service in this field, relieving the customer of any task and procedure related to the sale or renting a property in Italy, avoiding the inconvenience of going personally and frequently to manage such practices.

Contact us immediately to + 44 (0) 20 7038 8599 (if you are in the UK), to +44 (0) 7517460844 to speak directly in Italian, or to the number +39 091 6162771 (if you are in Italy) for a free telephone consultation or send us an e-mail immediately to to which we will reply as soon as possible.

Image by Peter H da Pixabay

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