ILC & Associates gained experience in the Entertainment Law. The Firm provides assistance to employers, artists and technicians working in the entertainment world with regard to every type of contract and, widely, to everyone who contributes to the creation of an artistic or recreational product.

ILC professionals act for the protection of moral rights and of economic uses of the created work, such as the protection of the copyright, and clients can count on the accompaniment by the professionals in the bureaucratic, administrative and fiscal fulfilments that have to be executed during the publication and distribution phases of the same created work, with particular attention to the contractual discipline between authors, producers and workers of the entertainment world.

Thanks to their continuous updating on the newest SIAE regulations, our professionals offer specific consultancy, regarding, among others, the procedural aspect both to clients that already work and to clients that intend to work in the entertainment specific areas.

ILC particularly cares about the various types of contract in this field, as they are often used as tools to exploit employees’ personal works.

Considering the deep change involved by the digital revolution to the forms of use of works such as music and videos, the Firm offers legal assistance also with regard to the new topics of digital copyright and the Internet free sharing systems, among others, the Creative Commons copyright’s licences.

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Please note that ILC&Associates provide legal services in this matter only before Italian Court